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Integrated Health Care Clinic Vital Health Eating Program

Vital Health Eating© is fundamental for a healthy diet. This way of eating builds, gently cleanses, and balances the human body.

Our bodies are amazing vehicles. If well-nourished they serve us well - in work, at play, at rest, in extremely demanding situations. Well fed means different things to different people. We are absolutely unique on the outside - different noses, eyes, hair, shape. We are also unique in our internal workings and composition. Nutrition should be directed towards building tissues and providing the basic raw materials for YOUR unique body and lifestyle. We work with you to find the foods that will empower your body toward health.

Malnutrition is on the rise due to consumption of refined foods, unnatural food additives that stress the body, and growing food on depleted soil. We will provide you with educational materials that teach you how to avoid foods/substances that would disempower your body and take you away from vital health.

We live in a chemical-laden world. Chemicals pervade our air, water and food. Downloading of toxins in the form of cleansing the bowels and kidneys and detoxifying the liver is sometimes necessary and recommended. We offer safe, doctor-supervised cleanses.

Consistent Vital Health Eating© will greatly reduce such health problems as back pain, headache, asthma, depression, gas, high blood pressure, and fatigue. Most people report a 60% gain in vitality, mental clarity and happiness, and weight losses of 3 to 10 pounds within the first few months.

Integrated Health Care Clinic offers a wide spectrum of alternative health care Individualized Programs.

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