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Integrated Health Care Clinic The Healthy Child Program

It is common for children (especially in a daycare group situation) to have multiple upper respiratory infections or gastrointestinal upsets throughout the year. The children then bring home their viral or bacterial organisms to share with the rest of the family.

Building up a child’s immune system begins before conception as part of the family planning stage. Mom needs to get her health and immune system in optimum shape. After baby is born and the world is the new giant playground, the immune system can get bombarded. If there are no underlying stresses (food intolerances, vertebral misalignments, emotional or chemical toxins filtering in), a child will usually bounce back quickly from a sniffle or a couple days of tummy aches. For the child who does not bounce back or seems to get sick every few weeks we look for the stressors and work to eliminate them. Generally children respond very well to natural medicine and rather quickly (as compared to adults with chronic conditions).

We suggest every family member have wellness check-ups to prevent the revolving door illness cycle.

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