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Your Liver

Many modalities and therapeutic approaches to health restoration have emerged in the last century including the integration of ancient practices. IHC integrates the appropriate combination for each patient of evaluation methods and natural therapies to achieve optimal health

There are certain functional tests for the liver that are not routine and probably your physician hasn't considered them. They are tests that measure the detoxification capability of your liver. You will be more likely to find an alternative medicine practitioner utilizing these tests. The current state-of-the-art test for liver detoxification is a simple procedure utilizing caffeine, Tylenol, and aspirin. After ingestion, the detoxification of these products is easily measured in the urine. The test is referred to as a “Detoxification Profile”. A companion test which your practitioner may want to consider is the “Oxidative Stress Analysis”. Low thyroid function is known to be a contributor to impaired liver detoxification so if there is any doubt, have your thyroid checked.

Your Gallbladder

The gallbladder is a pouch about the size of a small egg which is attached to the underside of the liver. The liver drains bile and other materials including cholesterol into the gallbladder and from there, these materials are passed into the bowel. One major function of the bile is the breaking down of dietary fats in the intestine. The gallbladder is a nice organ to have and you should try to keep yours if you can. If you have gallbladder troubles, odds are, your physician has discovered it by now.

Unless threatened with severe attacks or stones a poorly functioning gallbladder should be given an opportunity to be returned to normal function. For example, few physicians know that food allergies have a paralytic effect on smooth muscle. Smooth muscle is the type of muscle found in the wall of the gallbladder and intestinal tract. If this muscle is not able to contract the gall bladder for emptying, then the stage is set for gallbladder problems. Medical studies have shown that consuming allergenic foods can precipitate a gallbladder attack. Other studies have discovered that people with hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) deficiency are more prone to gallbladder troubles.

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