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Integration & Specialization

Many modalities and therapeutic approaches to health restoration have emerged in the last century including the integration of ancient practices. IHC integrates the appropriate combination for each patient of evaluation methods and natural therapies to achieve optimal health

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is integrative, science based healthcare which addresses illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the unique aspects of each patient employing individual tailored therapies to restore physiological, psychological and structural balance.

IHC Programs

Key Components of Functional Health

  • Treat the whole person, not the disease
  • All of the body’s functions depend on each other
  • The whole is only as strong as its weakest link
  • Health is a state of balance
  • Health is physical, emotional, mental, social& spiritual
  • Prevention is better than hoping for a cure
  • Genes and Environment together are responsible for every aspect of health or disease

See the Functional Medicine Matrix

What does this Integrated Functional approach to your health mean to you?

It is a superior approach to reducing body system imbalances (metabolic, physiological) using natural therapies born out of leading edge research and effective outcomes.

The goal of Functional Medicine is to support the body in its own healing processes by understanding a person's genetics, environment, physiology and individuality.  These all play a role in one’s health today.  Disease and even symptoms are manifestations of underlying imbalances influenced by lifestyle choices and past experiences.  IHC is dedicated to discovering the source of symptoms rather than simply treating symptoms with natural therapies trying to avoid surgery and drug therapy.

Functional Medicine is Upstream Medicine.

Clients come to us because we care and they want to get healthy and feel better, even if it takes work and lifestyle changes. Diseases don't just happen overnight. Long-term imbalances, left untreated, become chronic diseases. These imbalances are often created from poor nutrition, lifestyle, physical and emotional habits, which ultimately diminish the quality of your life. Drug therapies commonly used to treat diseases can often become long-term band aid approaches and at times cause side effects of their own - never addressing the underlying cause of imbalance.

"Upstream medicine" explains the principles of Functional Medicine. It's the intervention at a point when imbalances become apparent and adjustments to influencing factors and triggers, such as nutritional, exercise and lifestyle habits, are made before they create disease in the body.

We intervene upstream rather than letting you go over the falls…

Your visit may be as simple as starting you on a path of understanding what your body needs for proper nutrition and exercise. Or, it may involve laboratory testing to look deeper into your physiology. Understanding metabolism is as unique as your fingerprint; we tailor programs to fit your body's needs.

Working in partnership with you, lifestyle changes are suggested to allow you to be in charge of improving your health and changing the outcome of disease.

If you are seeking to enhance your health along with balance and harmony in your life, IHC knows how to support you in taking the first step and steps beyond.

IHC is a place to come to optimize your health and well being.

Integrated Health Care Clinic offers a wide spectrum of alternative health care Individualized Programs...

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