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Dr. Darryl Hobson is a wellness educator, author and a practicing physician of integrated natural medicine. His career in medicine began in 1969 when he awoke one day to find himself blind. Modern medical diagnostic approaches did not reveal the cause. He was taken to a healer who simply placed his hands on his body. Two days after that first session his eyesight returned. Darryl wanted to know what kind of process through the use of just the hands would bring about such a healing. He has spent the last 42 years investigating not only that form of energetic healing but many other areas of the natural healing arts with a particular interest in chiropractic and energetic medicine.

From 1975 to 1978 he was clinical director of Four Corners Holistic Health Center in Durango, Colorado. He graduated from Life College in 1983 and continued his post graduate education to become a board qualified chiropractic orthopedist, board certified acupuncturist and has other specialties in Asian and western herbology, homeopathy and clinical nutrition. Since 2001 he has studied extensively functional endocrinology and functional blood chemistry with Dr. Datis Karrazian a leading figure in the field of functional medicine. Dr. Hobson is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and actively practices the discipline.

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In 1995 he founded the Vital Health through Wellness Education programs in Colorado. His educational programs created grass roots wellness education in the Front Range. The most popular program, a 3 week course called "Reclaiming Your Health", has shepherded hundreds of people through a fundamental understanding of their bodies and a new found feeling of well being.

Dr. Hobson has researched and developed clinical methods to evaluate levels of dysfunction in the human body that are unique to his profession allowing him to determine specific therapies based on the person's biochemical individuality.

In addition to large patient base that he has served for 30 years he has been the doctor for some of the most elite athletes in the world including Nadia Prasad, Mark Piljaites, Mark Allen, Alexi Grewal, Mike Pigg, Dan Schayes and more. He is presently the director of research and development for Health Engineering Group - a next generation global health restoration organization.

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